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Thu, Oct. 17th, 2013, 02:46 pm
Testing, testing... is this thing on?

The Ticker Factory widget on the info page says that it's been seven years, eight months and three days since we updated. Oh dear. *cough* Hello there!

Back when we started out in the heady days of 2005, the Harry Potter books weren't finished, Twilight was just a sparkley vampire in Stephenie Meyer's eye, and nobody had even dreamt of the dizzying heights that turgid M-rated fanfic could one day aspire to in the realms of traditional publication, if packaged with a suitably snazzy cover. There were a quarter of a million HP stories on Fanfiction.net back then; I note that there are a now a respectable 661,000. In the year or so that Daily Sporfle was going, I have no doubt that we only scratched the surface of the hilarity that's out there, and there's probably much, much more.

We both got quite busy with RL stuff you probably aren't interested in, but both of us pop back every now and again and snort at some of the more classic lines.

And just this once, for the sheer nostalgia of it all...
Harry stared at me all night.Collapse )

Fri, Dec. 22nd, 2006, 10:27 am
when I changed into a girl I got girl feelings

Resurfacing briefly here - heavenly_dancer was good enough to link us to this fic, Elven Dreams by jodles-angel, a while back, and it's a classic Sue. I should mention here that, though we don't really have time to go fic-hunting at the moment, we will be delighted to post (with credit) any fics contributed by other folks.

Basically, Privet Drive blows up for no reason, and Harry gets rescued by fanon!elves who turn him into a girl, as is their wont. Of course, he also becomes a Sue princess with lots of purple clothes (and an unusual amount of leather gear).

He is used to being a girl now, in fact he sort of prefers it. He is… meCollapse )

Daily Sporfle would like to wish you all a happy Nonspecific Winter Festival! And to squee fangirlishly at the title of the next book.

Sun, Oct. 29th, 2006, 10:59 pm
Checking in

Oh dear. I see we have a few messages wondering where we are, and well you might ask. We've been a bit useless lately, haven't we?

Basically, we've been pretty busy, and that doesn't look likely to change any time soon. One of us has just started her final year in college, and is rushed off her feet. The other is spending a year in Japan, which entails a lot of work and a shoddy internet connection, and is still recovering from dissertation-related RSI. So Sporfle duties are kind of problematic for both of us at the moment. We haven't forgotten about it, and have every intention of reviving this at some point in the future, but... yeah, it's probably going to be on hiatus for a while yet. We're sorry to let you all down, because we've really enjoyed doing this, but it seems to be a bit more than either of us can manage at the moment.

Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006, 10:21 pm

Today's story, The XanderCordelia Factor, by American Apathy 666, has very little to do with Buffy, except that I think much of the plot may be stolen from it. It's essentially an extended infomercial for various brands of skater clothes, with the obligatory Hot Topic mentions, of course.

Hermione followed, anger emitting from her like BO from the boys locker rooms.Collapse )

Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006, 07:03 pm
I think the expression you're looking for is "Ugly American"

Time for some classic Transfer-Sues, I think. The Great and Terrible American just makes me think of Oz, but I'm guessing that wasn't the effect Darkend Fire was aiming for. On the plus side, I've never seen a Sue with a blog before, nor did I know that Hogwarts has wireless.

Three American Girls get sent to Hogwarts for a exchange program. Will the HP gang be able to handle how crazy the Americans really are?Collapse )

Tue, Jun. 20th, 2006, 07:15 pm

Woe, I tried to post tonight but I'm getting nothing but "server not responding" messages from ff.net. Hopefully should be able to post tomorrow...

Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006, 11:18 pm

Katie's choiche, by The Halfbloofprincess, is amusingly worded rather than offensively bad; yes, it's by a second-language speaker who's also thirteen, and as such I feel mildly bad about Sporfling about it, but it's just got such funny bits that I couldn't pass it up. (Kudos to the author for making it as legible as it is - I came across an incident of trolling today which was perpetrated by a girl I know to be 21 and a native English speaker, and this is a damn sight better.) Also, the author's name is spectacular.

Katie didn’t know why she didn’t tell Oliver what Roger had done. Maybe she was afraid he would beat him up. No, she wasn’t afraid of that. That would actually be pretty cool.Collapse )

Fri, Jun. 16th, 2006, 11:30 pm

Oooh, sorry for the long absence, folks. Final-year exams, a nasty case of RSI, and general busyness conspired to keep us away from Sporfle HQ. Hopefully we can now resume a more-or-less normal service.

Today we have A Smile From Slytherin, by Harlequin Girl. It features that rare beast, a Marcus-Flint-Stu. Also, I feel the Sue's name, Mayella, may have been stolen from To Kill A Mockingbird. There are only two chapters up, but I'm already being distinctly weirded out by Marcus' relationship with his sister.

I was leading him on with my butt talkCollapse )

Sat, Jun. 3rd, 2006, 06:01 pm

The Pain of Saying Good bye by Senya Lady of the Serpents smacks of self-insert for a number of reasons. When the author gives Hermione (a Voldemort's-Daughter Sue, with an Evil Twin Sister as a bonus) the middle name "Risika" and then signs her chapter with the same name, there's obviously an act of self-insertion being perpetrated. However, the fact that she reels off a random list of more than fifteen extraneous friends - I couldn't be bothered check exactly how many - seems to me to either indicate a rather OTT level of connection with the character (and given that it's a Muggle-torturing Death Eater Hermione, that worries me somewhat) to the point of dragging ALL the people she knows along for the ride... or else, she's a bit lonely and would like to have a large group of friends.

Either way, I'm not madly impressed with the author. I mean, I was out with Kathy, Moira, Sue, Mark, Joey, Lea, Peter, Tony, Michael, Adam J, Neil, Aoife, Keith, Zac, Saidhbh, Eleanor, Sandra, Zoe, Sally, Sarah, Jenny, Etain, Carl, Kev, *gasp* and Sophie and her fiancee whose name I forget last night, and you don't see me bragging.

Also, she uses the word "expspecially" on her bio. 'Nuff rambling from me.

Edit: Also Denis. How could I have left him out?

'But Jen, what about our high school dreams?' Kristi asked with a look of hrt evident in her eyes.Collapse )

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